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About me......


I have had a love for painting and drawing since my early childhood growing up in Canada.   My art journey has taken me in many directions.  Vintage furniture painting, a line of custom furniture and interior design have been just a few of the paths I have taken, always returning to my passion - portraiture. 

My husband Chuck and I moved from San Diego to Healdsburg, California in 1997 and then to Tucson Arizona in 2008 where my love for the desert and Southwest have grown.  Being in Arizona has inspired me to capture the essence of the Native American people in portraiture.


I believe that my gift of painting is God-given.  My faith in God has inspired me to be creative and use this gift to express myself on canvas.  I feel it is a great privilege to be able to work at what I love.​


The oil rub-out technique I use dates back to the days of Michelangelo.  Oil paint is applied over much of the surface and a rag is used to rub off the paint, involving very little brush work. The final result of the painting is the look of a well aged work of art.  Most often I use a plastered and textured canvas to enhance the nuances of the subject I paint.  To complete the work, I apply a coat or two of varnish.

I also enjoy portraits in graphite and in watercolor and accept commissions in all three mediums.

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"Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."  Psalms 37:4

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